0.01HandoutWelcome Letter
0.06HandoutSix Steps to Building Financial Wealth
0.10HandoutMeet Maria Consuela
1.01HandoutFoundation Segment Instructors Notes
1.02FormIRS Form: W-4 Employee Withholding Certificate
1.03FormHomeland Security Form: I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
1.05ExampleExample: Paystub Houly Worker
1.06ExamplePaystub with Garnishments
1.10HandoutHow to Read and Understand a W-2
1.11aExercisePrepare Maria’s W-2
1.12ExerciseCan you calculate Maria’s gross earnings from her W-2?
1.13FormIRS Form: W-2
1.15Example W-2 Olivia Parker
1.25HandoutQuestions to ask a Prospective Employer
1.28HandoutQuestions to ask your employer about your retirement plan
2.02FormIRS Form: W-9 form
2.03FormIRS Form: 1099-Misc
2.05HandoutEmployee vs Independent Contractor – 20 common Tests
2.11aExercisePrepare Maria’s 1099
3.00HandoutHow to Prepare a Cash Flow Statement
3.01FormCash Flow Statement – Budget Long Form
3.11aExerciseCalculate Maria’s Personal Budget
4.00HandoutIntroduction to Personal Finance Statements
4.01FormPersonal Financial Statement – EXCEL FORMAT
4.01FormPersonal Financial Statement – PDF FORMAT
4.03ExampleThree Personal Financial Statements
4.11aExercisePrepare Maria’s Personal Financial Statement –
5.01HandoutHow to get a FREE personal credit report
5.02HandoutWhat is a Credit Score? What Factors Determine a Credit Score?
5.11ArticleCredit Scores – How High is High Enough?
5.21HandoutStudent Loans
7.01HandoutRetirement Accounts – an Overview
8.25ExerciseWhen should Maria start taking social security?
1.91aInstructionsFoundation Homework #1
1.92aInstructionsFoundation Homework #2
1.93aInstructionsFoundation Homework #3
1.94aInstructionsFoundation Homework #4