Taking the Money 101 classes on Zoom LIVE  is highly recommended, as the interactions with your peers are fun, and the instructor keeps you on your toes by asking lots of questions. However, sometimes, due to schedules, that is not possible.

Therefore, starting in 2024, students can enroll in the five-segment program (Foundation, Taxation, Investments, Real Estate, or Money and Life Cycles) and take the class on their own time schedule.  This is called AYOP (At Your Own Pace)

How AYOP Works?

  1. An enrollee makes a $125 donation to the Score Foundation for a segment (five classes) of the Money 101 program referencing their local Score chapter.  They receive a donation receipt.  https://scorefoundation.org/donate/
  2. The enrollee forwards the donation receipt to [email protected] and indicates which of the five Money 101 segments they want to take. (Students are STRONGLY encouraged to start with the Foundation segment.)
  3. The enrollee receives a welcome letter from the instructor with a link to complete a financial literacy questionnaire AND schedule a private meeting with the instructor. The purpose of both is for the instructor to get an overview of the student’s financial literacy level and goals. (Classes are designed assuming students have no prior knowledge of the material.)
  4. Once the questionnaire is completed and a private meeting occurs, the enrollee will receive the first of five class videos and a homework assignment. The class videos are two hours long, and the homework takes a similar amount of time.
  5. When the enrollee finishes the homework assignment, they email it to the instructor. They can also email questions if an issue in the Video needs clarification.
  6. The instructor reviews the homework and responds to questions via email or, if appropriate, sets up a Zoom call. Enrollees should anticipate a 48-hour response time to their questions. Once the instructor is confident that the enrollee has completed the assignment and understands the material, the instructor sends the following video and homework assignment in the five-class segment.
  7. The above continues until the last video (#5 in the segment) is sent.  Videos are only sent if the prior homework assignment is complete.
  8. AYOP students completing all five segments (25 classes), become for Money 101 Education graduates and eligible for all celebrations.

AYOP students can also set up private sessions with the instructor to discuss any financial matter that concerns them.

Private sessions can be booked via the Money 101 website link. https://money101education.com/home/private-appointments/

Students completing all five segments (25 classes) are eligible for the annual “graduating” class celebration.