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Take the fear out of Finance!

Money 101 provides a safe small-group LIVE online interactive learning environment for women to obtain financial knowledge to increase their net worth.

The program has five segments, and each focuses on a different topic: FOUNDATION, INVESTMENTS, TAXATION, REAL ESTATE and MONEY & LIFE CYCLES.

See below for a summary of what you will learn in each segment.

  • Five (two-hour classes) per segment/topic area
  • FREE repeat of the segment when offered again
  • FREE One-on-One private consultation with the instructor if desired.

Tuition is paid to a Not-For-Profit organization that supports women. Instructors volunteer their time to empower women, increase their financial knowledge and net worth.


FOUNDATION: Five classes covering – Negotiating Compensation and Benefits, the difference between W-2 and 1099 earnings, creating a Budget and Personal Financial Statements, and Steps to improving your Credit. At the end of the segment, participants should know how to track their net worth and plan for their future. FOUNDATION class-by-class CURRICULUM

INVESTMENTS: Five classes covering – Creating an Emergency Fund, Different Categories of Investments, Stocks and Bonds, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Mutual Funds and Electronic Traded Funds, How to Do Fund Research, Understanding Diversification, and Choosing an Appropriate Investment Strategy Based on when you need your Money, Understand Fees and how to Minimize Costs. At the end of the segment, participants should be able to select investments to match their needs. INVESTMENTS class-by-class CURRICULUM

TAXATION: Five classes covering – the IRS Form 1040 Personal Tax Return, Reporting Business & Self Employment Income (Schedule C), Calculating Self-Employment Taxes, Home Office Deductions and Qualified Business Income Credit. Understanding the Standard vs. Itemized Deductions, How to Use the IRS Tax Charts, and How to Avoid Penalties for Underpayment. At the end of the segment, participants should be able to complete a tax return. TAXATION class-by-class CURRICULUM.

REAL ESTATE: Five classes covering – Buying Property for Personal or Investment. Rent vs. Buy Analysis, What Search Criteria are Critical, How to Negotiate, Broker Fees, Tax Benefits, Understanding Cooperative and Condominium Financial Statements, and Commercial Rental Property Analysis. At the end of the segment, participants should know what it takes to purchase property successfully. REAL ESTATE class-by-class CURRICULUM

MONEY & LIFE CYCLES: Five classes covering – The appropriate financial steps to take from birth to death – information on College Savings Plans, Prenuptial Agreements, Divorce, Retirement Planning, and Preparing for Death, including Wills, Trusts, and Estate Administration. At the end of the segment, participants should know how to plan financially for different life cycle events. MONEY & LIFE CYCLES class-by-class CURRICULUM

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